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Top Resources for Online Learning!

Online university classes often leaves us confused as they were meant to be offline, and have been hastily adapted. Find here some top resources that have been designed to be learnt online!

1 - For Statistics

If you have been following for a while, you would know that math is my personal weakness.

I am extremely interested, but I also find it incredibly difficult. But what has made it easier for me to grasp these concepts are:

Introduction to Statistics

Offered by Stanford

Methods and Statistics in Social Sciences Specialization

Offered by University of Amsterdam

For Youtube:



2 - For Python Coding

Python is not essential, but learning the basics has helped me with queries in GIS. I try to learn as much as I can from YouTube, but the truth is, everyone is not cut out to be a teacher. There are many experts, but few amazing teachers.

For those from a non-technical background, starting out in python, I recommend:

Python for Everybody Specialization

Offered by University of Michigan

For Youtube

Python Tutorials for beginners by Telusko

3 - For GIS

There is little scope to survive in urban planning if you don't know GIS. QGIS is open source and free, and ArcGIS is the industry standard. However, if you want to get some introductory training, AND a free 1 year ArcGIS license to practice along side (Student license is $100 otherwise), find this course:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialization

Offered by UC Davis

For Youtube

A Complete Beginner's Guide to ArcGIS Desktop (Part 1)

by GeoDeltaLabs

GeoDeltaLabs also has great introductory content on remote sensing too!

Also follow Planning Insights on LinkedIn for some great content on the scope of GIS and how it is being applied for numerous researches!

4 - For Research

You can never learn too much about how to research!

Research in social sciences like urban planning and development studies is quite different from fully scientific research that we often hear about (conducted in mainline science streams).

Brush up your knowledge, or learn how to conduct research for the social sciences from scratch in this course:

Studying Cities: Social Science Methods for Urban Research

Offered By Erasmus University Rotterdam

Understanding Research Methods

Offered By University of London, SOAS University of London

I am also planning on breaking down the research methods in simpler terms in upcoming blogs!


Many of the courses I have listed are from Coursera/ EdX and require payment. If you are just interested in learning, I do recommend auditing these. However, if you want to learn for free and also get a certificate, do go via the Financial Aid method. Please don't abuse the system, but for broke students (Yes, I'm a broke student too), its a great way to visibly add skills!

Embrace learning, and level up!

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